Thursday, December 24, 2015

Maintenance Plans and Report for Historic Homes and Businesses

For more information about maintenance plans for your Victorian or Arts and Crafts era home or business, please visit the Historic Design Consulting Website today!

Is your paint peeling or plaster cracked? We can help!

Is your Victorian-era storefront or Queen Anne home looking a little worse for the wear?  You can take some comfort because help is one the way! Historic Design Consulting is very happy to announce a new  service for owners of historic homes and businesses: Maintenance plans and reports.  As historic buildings age they present special challenges to their owners.  Exposure to the elements and years of wear and tear not only affect the appearance of a building but can also compromise its structural integrity.  While some deterioration is inevitable over time, decay can accelerate if a building does not undergo regular maintenance.  Deferred maintenance can lead to substantial problems while emergency repairs made during a crisis or critical failure can alter or irreparably damage  historic materials.   Inappropriate repairs and replacement are especially important in designated historic districts and down towns because the integrity of an historic buildings is an important factor its eligibility for many tax credits and grants. Furthermore, regular maintenance is far more cost effective than the replacement of deteriorated, historic features.  

Historic Design offers two maintenance services: Maintenance plans and maintenance reports.  Maintenance plans are comprehensive documents describing the upkeep of an entire building and include care recommendations, a maintenance schedule and step-by-step instructions showing you what to do, how to do it and when.  A maintenance report focuses on a particular issue with precise instructions.  Typical issues include:

  • Care of windows and doors
  • Repair of cracking plaster on walls and ceilings
  • Deteriorated or dirty finishes on mill work and molding  
  • Recommendations for interior and exterior painting
  • Care of masonry, bricks and stonework
  • Refinishing front doors
For more information about Historic Design's maintenance plans and reports, please visit our website and  If you have questions about a particular maintenance issue on your historic home or business, click on the "Contact Us" link to send us a message.